Taipei Day 4

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Day 4- 9th January 

Headed to Yehliu early in the morning. Or maybe not so early. Took a bus from Taipei Main Station terminal B (I think). It's kind of easy to get around in Taipei with all the buses that goes past places that tourists love to go like Yehliu and Yangmingshan etc. Wow.

Anyway Yehliu was freaking super cold. :( It was raining and the wind was so huge that I had to use both of my hands to hold onto my umbrella. Hahaha too fat to fly away though.

Looking through my Taiwan photo album. Really looked damn horrible in Taiwan photos tsk. Look like bazhang throughout Day 4 cause I was wearing what t-shirt, knit wear, jacket. Anyway really like all the nature nature places (I am not only a shopaholic lor). Someday shall go back and hike 1.6km to see the waterfall at Taipei :D Sadly Singapore doesn't have any of such sceneries OH WELL.

Went back Taipei main station area for lunch/tea.

Guotie in the weirdest shape ever.
Sour&Spicy soup (which I can't tell why it's spicy)
Tauhuay which people queue up for. So must be famous?

Okay the meal at a restaurant was considered really quite cheap compared to Singapore. A set meal of fried rice with some small plate of vegetable and a bowl of soup cost like NT$168 (around $7) and the serving size of the rice and soup was quite big. HAHA though I only like the rice and the soup.

Then headed to Ximending. Bought shades WOO HOO. I think I look horrible in shades though. Face too round HAHAHA. Finally found Ah Zhong Mee Sua OMG BEST MEAL IN TAIPEI. Okay my opinion only. My brother's favourite is still XXL chicken chop.

Ah Zhong, I finally found you HAHA.


Chicken so cute!

Sushi for NT100 ($4 OMG)

Okay did you drool at the last photo? Wow sometimes I am surprised at how good my photography is. Okay I kid. But this sushi OMG OMG. YAY SUSHI FOR SUPPER.

Taipei's 7 eleven never fails to amaze me. Or maybe it's just Singapore 7 eleven is too disappointing haha. Love the variety of milk and food. Some of their convenience stores even have toilets LIKE WOW. And places for people to sit down and eat and read papers. Oh well.

Someday I will go back there :)

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