Lost its red,

by - 5:32 PM

If I said I wished you the best I was lying

Been playing Lovesick Fool on repeat now. I can't understand why I am suddenly obsessed with this song haha.

Well it's week 2 of Sem 2. Tutorials have started but I am still quite slack OH WELL. I don't have the motivation. :( Left one question of stats tutorial but I feel like I am not learning anything much from doing my work. The only good thing is that I think I really like Marketing cause it feels practical and something that is easier to identify with. So I guess I may really go into Marketing if I can do quite well for it. But then again, my GPA so cui, how to get into Marketing. OB text seems pretty interesting (not looking forward to projects anyway). 

Biz Ops isn't going too well I guess. SIGHHH WHY WHY WHY.

Anw I should really do some more and really focus instead of watching TV, read people's blogs etc. Really really want to go on exchange. Opened up the list of schools in an attempt to motivate myself which obviously didn't work. Copenhagen business school sounds tempting (ok I just like how Copenhagen feels -.-) but I don't mind a lot of other places. 

OKAY it feels good to have someone I know in every class I am in. Okay maybe not econs but 1hr whatever. 

And what on earth happened to swimming in the morning?!

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