Happy New Year

by - 4:51 PM

Weather is suddenly warm today. Was supposed to head for a picnic but I am stuck at home with a not fully recovered stomach. Still feel queasy. Was it the whipped cream?

Nothing much to do at home. No mood for movies. Sigh. Shall just plan my own Taipei trip. Okay if anybody ever reads this space, yes I am going overseas from 6th Jan to 10th Jan :) Hoping the weather will be just nice. Can't wait for the good food so tummy please get well okay. Don't get any fatter cause I want to fit in all the pretty clothes hehe.

Have no idea what to blog cause my life is boring :( Wait for me to come back from Taiwan or something. School is starting and lazy cher being lazy hasn't meet a lot of people. 

Oh happy new year everybody. :) Let's hope everything goes well.

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