by - 2:06 PM

I really hate it when I don't do things that I am passionate about. Okay I act like a bimbo without any passion except for eating and shopping but I actually I do have.

I can't teach for nuts and have no idea why I am holding onto this tuition job. Probably just for the money. Why do we all do things for the money only? To be honest I don't even know whether I enter nbs for the money aspect or I really thought I like it or cause I thought it's a safe choice.

But then again I don't think I hate the kids. I just hate how rude some of them are. How spoilt they are. I guess I always hate feeling unappreciated. I am trying in my own way but I guess I am not a kids person oh well.

Oh passion. It sucks so much to not have passion for things you are doing cause you have to force yourself to do it anw. For money for gpa for whatever thing except happiness.

I guess I should really start doing things I like instead of what I think I will do well in.

Maybe someday I will find some part time job at some food place so I will never have to teach tuition.

Oh I should probably accumulate some good karma. Sometimes I look at my friends and I wonder why people befriend me. I feel so bitchy and whiny recently. And so noisy. And bimbo. Should probably change myself. New new year resolution.

Need to stop judging people.

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