Taipei Day 1

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Day 1- 6th January 

It was my second time to Taiwan :) Really had a good impression of Taiwan the first time I went there. The weather there in November was good (Y) Flew via Transasia Airways there. Well the counter staff at Changi wasn't that efficient but the cabin crew was pretty good. Cute (but sadly not very young) air steward ;) Oh their safety video was so cute. The food on the flight was quite good also.

Oh when the plane was about to land in Taiwan, I felt a little emotional. Feeling as if I am going home. HAHAHA what a joke.

Anw Taoyuan airport was super freaking crazily cold and I have no idea why.

Headed to our hotel, Fortune Hiya at Taipei Main Station (not very near leh) and then went to Yuanshan :)

MRT at Yuanshan Station
Imagine my happiness when I see rows of sunflowers. MY LOVE.
More flowers
Flowers and pretty sky
Colourful rows of flowers with Dad :)
 Okay after looking a lot a lot of flowers, we went to Taipei Story House. The house looks pretty hehe.

Taipei Storyhouse
 But the exhibition inside was so-so only. The display currently was all about sweets (for wedding/b'day celebration). Oh and sadly no photos are allowed :(

Headed to Danshui and went 7 eleven. Seriously all the convenience stores overseas are like 10x cooler than those in Singapore :(
Awesome malt milk. S'pore y u no have?
Queue for food hmm.
The food is... Pepper bun. Not bad.

All hail the famous tall yummy not very sweet icecream. 

Walking along the streets.
Danshui was quite cold with all the wind from the sea. Parents decided to take a boat ride to Bali island opposite (not the Bali in Indonesia) which turns up to be similar to Danshui. MEHHH.

Anyway I managed to buy A-po tie dan from Danshui also :) Famous one okay! HEHE. I have always done research about food~

Didn't do anything much after Danshui. OH WELL. This is quite a short post. Guess I didn't do anything much in Taiwan. But still, I will be back there someday again for a longer trip :)

Shall continue with Day 2 soon :) GOOD NIGHT WORLD.

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