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Finished watching TVD episode 12. Love how they portray the soft side to everyone like Rebekah especially. Kol also. Awww. Stefan is still so sweet SIGH.

Time to choose specialisation next week (okay it's open till June). I really dk whether to do B&F or Marketing. I like how black & white B&F is, how it's interesting to know to calculate bonds etc (like feel so professional HAHA) and act smart talking about bonds&stocks but I don't think it's something that I can easily excel in. Marketing, I don't even need reasons to justify why I like it. It's so easy to relate to your daily life. I love the idea of marketing something to someone, to get someone to use the product/service. 

Oh instead of doing stupid OB I was checking out Changi Airport Group. I need to pull up my GPA seriously if I ever want a CAG scholarship & internship SIGHHH. :( How on earth am I supposed to do well for modules like OB which is so... fluff -.-

SIGH maybe they should offer supply chain management so I can do biz ops LOL LOL LOL. Okay biz ops isn't that bad. Quite interesting but I suck at it. Okay bye. Me and my runny nose. :(

20 days to finish some crappy 1500 words essay that contribute 20% of my marks FML.

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