Taipei Day 3

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Day 3- 8th January

Okay what an unpleasant day. Lousy research skills by me (sadly) and me and my shopaholic ways OH WELL. I still insist my view that Taipei is more of shopping while Taichung is then more for scenery viewing (Sun moon lake, Alishan etc). OH WELL SIGHHH.

Spent my day at Wufenpu, Taipei 101 and Shida Night market. Haha being an unpleasant day, I realised I have little photos of this day.

Wufenpu had so many clothes but so many clothes for winter season MEHHH. So tempted to get furry boots and furry coats which I will never get to use SIAN  SINGAPORE Y U NO WINTER :( Got one maroon coloured shorts. Think maroon is my new favourite colour hehe.

Okay was quite bored at Taipei 101 cause I had been there and there is really NOTHING to do there unless you want to be really touristy (okay this word probably does not exist) and go take the lift to the highest level (which you have to pay). Oh well, I am sure the view of Taipei will be nice BUT given the rain and fog... you probably see nothing if you go there in January. 

Didnt get to walk around Shida much :( BIGGEST REGRET FOR THE TRIP. Sigh. Go back with me to Shida someone? 

Really have nothing much to blog about. BAAAD DAY. 

Hi Taipei 101. We meet again.
Taking a photo cause everyone is taking one.
 Sidenote, I look really short. :(

Awesome instant noodles :D
Anyway Taiwan has the best instant noodles on earth seriously. Miss this beef instant noodles so much. Beef in instant noodles seriously. 

Oh Taiwan beer was good (Y) (Y) (Y) and Taiwan dramas HAHAHA.

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