Taipei Day 2

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Day 2- 7th Jan

Okay so my father bought this tour package from this tour agency which provided a one day tour. Thus we went to places like National Theatre and Concert Hall (to take photos) and go musuem and watch the changing of guards. Basically places that I actually went before hmm.

National Theatre

Lunch was at this Mognolian BBQ place where I met the rudest Koreans in my life. BAD IMPRESSION OF THEM NOW HMPH. Okay lunch wasn't very nice though :(

And after lunch we went to see the changing of the guards. OH I WAS TOO LAZY TO FOLLOW THEM AND TAKE PHOTOS OOPSSS.

THE GUARDS. Have fun standing oops.

In the late afternoon, we headed to Jiufen :) The first time I went there, we didn't have much time to explore there. :( SO SAD.
Hi Jiufen :)
Oh at Jiufen it was raining SIANNN. Holding an umbrella and shop is so not fun. :( And I overheard people saying that it hasn't stop raining for the past three days. :O

Anw it's so sad that the first time I came here, I didn't have time to climb all the way to the top (at least from what I remembered) and that this time I came here, I couldn't enjoy the view thanks to the fog and the rain. BAD LUCK JANE.

Bought the nuts that I remembered my ex colleagues bought from Jiufen (which I keep on eating ooops) and tried the fen yuan. Oh I gave smelly/stinky tofu another try AHA. Wasn't that bad this time and I think my brother loves it :O

Then it was time for Shilin ^^ HAHA the first time I went here Shilin was really awesomeee. The food especially. But the crowd was quite crazy oh well. But now, the food was good only not awesome anymore. The oyster omelette seems to have less oyster, XXL chicken chop seems to be less tasty (maybe too many franchise alr) and guan cai ban also seems less awesome, da bing bao xiao bing also don't taste that good SIGH.


Oyster omelette seen in Corner with Love

Guan cai ban
Da bing bao xiao bing

Okay there was this shop selling shoes for NT188 OMG OMG. So I bought two pairs of flats :) Turquoise and black hehe.

And I bought a knitwear hehehe so pretty and warm (okay obviously I think that way so that's why I bought it)

Went back hotel at around 9 plus. SIGHHH. THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG LOR SERIOUSLY HAHA. Someone please ask me go Taiwan with you. And all the people that I follow on Instagram and their awesome photos of Taiwan make me so sad. So want to go tour the whole of Taiwan again.

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