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2013 resolutions:

  1. Stop digressing/procrastinating and finish all work and revision on the day itself (Always on the list but never succeeded)
  2. Thirty sit-ups before sleeping (uni screwed up my resolution, always so tired that I fall asleep once my head hits the pillow)
  3. Run 5km per week. (It's so hard to get the motivation to push yourself further SIAN)
  4. Sleep latest by 12am everyday when there's school the next day (No point staying up so long and getting shitty results anyway. Health and good skin so much more important okay. Maybe.)
  5. Stop dwelling on things that can't be changed. 
  6. Stop playing with phone while doing work (Instagram and food photos are so much more interesting than money that's not yours what. Even tweets from people bitching are 100X better)
  7. Stop caring about what others think.
  8. (Why so many things starting with 'Stop') Start saving more money and spending on clothes or shoes also better than on food. (Ouch, sorry my true love food)
  9. Keep in touch with people
  10. (Ten is a nice number so must die die have ten) Be more patient and not show my anger on my face (HARDEST THING EVER)
Okay I fell sick two days ago. Gastric problems/illness. Reasons why I need a doctor best friend. Or I can compel my brother into being one (LIKE REAL) DAMN GLAD I COULD TURN UP FOR CHALET. Thanks for the surprise and the cake and all the entertainment. Really love you all so much. (haha who actually reads this) AIYAH WHY NO ONE LET ME INSTAGRAM MY CAKEEE. Okay instagram obsessed and I am kidding. 

Results wise er I feel so embarrassed. I really dk what I have been doing my whole life. I think I am just a little away from the higher grade leh. Careless mistakes FML. Okay I over confident. Really expected slightly better results for like certain mods. A bit sad to think I would kind of disappoint certain tutors (maybe they don't care). Anw do you think I would have good karma if I give out flyers with advice about which certain mod certain tutor to avoid?

Anw this is like ultimate omggg http://intoxiquette.livejournal.com/ EVERYTHING IS DAMN CHIOOO.

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