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Hi I am here again, feeling slightly less angsty and sad cause I am employed. For a month OH WELL. I seriously hope they will extend my contract and maybe I should hope that the job is really fun. I mean not very stressful. Please have nice people there haha.

Well well, I have spent my past few days on too many interviews, sending emails out to hope that I will get employed. I just realised I haven't been enjoying my life for the past few days. I mean the first week after exams were really awesome but the past few days weren't fun at all.

Weekends were pretty good. Shopping in Town on Saturday. Trying on so many shoes from New Look. Oh well someday I will buy shoes from there. Tried on this really comfortable pair of heels (?) which weren't high at all but really pretty. Talking about shoes, rubi wedges are surprisingly comfortable. One pair. OH WELL TEMPTED BUT WHY DO I HAVE ERM FOUR PAIRS OF WEDGES?! When I only have two pairs of flats. Weird is weird. Anyone wants my Rubi wedges? WRONG SIZE SINCE DK WHEN.

Bought Significant Other OPI nail polish.Still thinking about the Chicago Champagne Toast though it seems really streaky.


Shall go back and buy that some time next time. Significant Other is pretty also.

OH SO HAPPY TO HAVE TAKO ON SAT. But happy lemon is gone whyyyyyyy.

And Sunday was supposed to be at Sentosa erm but in the end we will at VivoCity. Nvm it was great still and tried apple cider finally hahahaha. And Baileys from Giant. Oh and chocolate wine for sale like wow.

The weekdays werent that good.

Interview at TaiSeng yesterday, today's interview at Prudential and some Jurong East company weren't really good. Came to the realisation that what I really want is to work in Central area like Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar, wear nice clothes, see people wear nice office wear, jostle with the horrible crowd (idk about this) hahaha. So yay to the chance offered to live this life :)

Imagine all the food omnomnom. Tian Tian chicken rice from Maxwell, the chicken rice at both Maxwell and Amoy (with MM Lee's face LOL), fishball noodles with cute guy, yongtaufoo, Malay food at Amoy, fish noodles and the beehoon thing from Maxwell. -drools- And my dear avocado milkshake, huggs coffee, ABC juice ohmy. 

Shouldn't let my Mum see my bank book this weekend oops. Sure die. Driving lessons and contacts collection. OH WELL. Should I try on the sample pair without supervision? Low self efficacy. WHY DOES REBECCA HAVE WORK? (will you see this?)

Money please come to me soon. And must make sure I dont end up spending so much on food lol. LOL had Macs today cause I was trying to save money whaatttttt. Peri chicken not bad.

Okay shall attempt to watch some HK drama or maybe watch it while travelling on my way to work or something. A Great Way to Care II seems like a good choice. 

Oh check out the following songs:

  1. When I was younger- Liz Lawrence 
  2. Starlight- Taylor Swift
  3. Come Back...Be here- Taylor Swift
  4. Whispers- Dave Baxter
  5. 想幸福的人
And I need to mention how I forgot how awesome Tumblr can be hehe. 


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Goodbyeeeee I need my sleep.


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