Korea Day 7

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26th May 2012, Day 7
Thanks for following the series of Korea travelogue brought to you by Jane. Omg so bullshit. Haha yes, this is the last post about Korea trip :(

Really thought the view from our hotel in Seoul was good. And I really think it's pretty classy.
This is the view.
A more focused shot on the buildings on the right hand side of the windows

Hi good morning. Yes it's Ignis shirt HAHA.
Shincon University Street

Korean students have good life okay. Shopping streets near to their schools. And so many pretty clothes selling at around $10 here!!! Okay actually Korean students face a lot of stress too. So maybe not a good life also HAHA.

Keep complaining to Wei Shan that we shouldn't have shop at Dongdaemun cause the prices here is really so much more cheaper. It's just cause they don't really jack up the prices here. Or just cause it's Saturday and locals are out shopping. ARGHHH I AM CHEATED :'( Haha I sound so pissed off with the shopping but I still spent so much here. HAHA. Bought a T-shirt, a mustard coloured cardigan, a dress (damn niceee and we have matching clothes again, Wei Shan), another mustard coloured top and a bag for Mum. All of the things at around $10 except for the T-shirt which is around $5. AHAHA.

Spent a few hours before we were supposed to meet and go to the local convenience store! Before returning back to the bus, we went to take a look at their MRT station (?)

The 7 eleven/family mart sold this really damn nice tissue pack!!! With London as background I think. But I have self control okayyy, so I didn't buy HAHA.

Okay local convenience store OH YEAHHH. FOOD FOOD FOOD.
I think everyone just spam and buy like a lot of seaweed HAHA. And then everyone left with a box of food okay. Then it was time to go to airport :(

Phototaking with the tour guide and then we were supposed to self entertain before boarding the plane. We were supposed to settle our lunch zzz so much for 100% meals HAHA.

Omurice from airport
 It costs around $11 I think :O Not very nice lehhh. SO FATTENING LOOK AT THE CHEESE AND ALL THE SAUCE!

Well there was time after lunch but we were too bored with facial masks already so we didn't bother visiting any shops HAHA. And we realised we forgot our banana milk :'( MY FAVOURITEEE.

Goodbye Korea. Back to Singapore and work. Pretty amazing to go on overseas trip without family. It's like a different experience. Glad to be back safe and sound :')

In conclusion, Auntie Cher wants to emphasize that (LOL)
  1. Jeju Island is really really pretty. And you really really really need to wear proper shoes as in sports shoes to enjoy your activities there.
  2. Facial masks are really cheap so please spam & buy a supply of like three years LOL LOL.
  4. Spend more time at Everland!!!
  5. Bring more memory cards lah.
  6. Don't spend too much on clothes, cause some of the clothes are made from China anw ._. Maximum: $15
  7. Try street food :D
  8. People at convenience store are pretty nice :D :D But the other people hmm.
Will go back to Korea if I have the chance. But definitely will want to go other countries first. Italy(Milan & Venice!!!) , Japan, Australia (Gold Coast & Sydney!!!) and return back to Taiwan. Oh I don't mind going China too. My wanderlust is acting up again. HAHAHA.

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