Korea Day 6

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26th May 2012, Day 6
Second day in Seoul :) Had Chinese breakfast at some restaurant which was supposedly the best Chinese breakfast place in Korea. Oh fyi, we didn't have any Korean style breakfast cause Koreans actually have breakfast at home :O

Oh despite it being a Chinese breakfast, there will always be kimchi. But Chinese breakfast means there's soya bean milk and youtiao. Me and mine dou jiang you tiao ~ Hehehe. But it wasn't very nice :(

Okay, then after breakfast, it was time for Ginseng shopping which I obviously did not buy any. Wanted to buy some home but then again, not rich enough (and cousins told me not to buy any lah) Oh we went to some Amethyst Factory too and do I need to repeat that I am not rich? HAHA.

OH COSMETICS SHOWROOM IS A DIFFERENT STORY I SWEAR. :O Amazed at the make up and facial wash etc stuff. CC cream (which I realised Silkygirl has it too and it's colour control?) and Botox solution to apply to your face! Bought a facial wash that costs $30!!! :O Hahaha, but I really felt my dead skin cells being removed when I tried it there. Oh and bought the face shop masks. 34 masks lying in my luggage and flew back to Singapore with me. Around 28 of them are still lying in my house.

Ehh anw facial masks are really cheap there. $10 for 10 masks seem to be the normal price there. I saw the exact same facial masks I bought from Face Shop here. On sale and it's 4 for $10. AHA, I got more than twice of what you have. ;)

Guess what my Mum said about my face! She said my face looks brighter (healthy glow HAHAHA) SO HAPPY. But I think it's cause of the $30 facial wash OH NO. How am I going to buy that in Singapore? It costs $56 >:( The price girls pay for beauty.

Lunch was some BBQ chicken with hot & spicy rice cakes. I think it's really cool that I get to eat most of the food that I wanted to try. :D

This was how the food look like at the start. The white things are the rice cakes. Everyday also eat BBQ stuff (almost)

Well well, shopping immediately after lunch (y) Dongdaemun Market again :) Three shopping centres with seven storeys, tell me how to finish it within a few hours? Spent a lot a lot a lot of money during this short two plus hours I guess :O Bought a tank top just cause I like the colour, a Paris necklace (woots), a dress, skorts, an asymmetrical skirt and a bag I think. HAHA same dress and skorts as Wei Shan. Can't help it we both have awesome taste AHA.

It was time for Lotte World! Spent really a long long long time at Lotte World. From afternoon till 930! Well Lotte World is pretty huge with indoor and outdoor amusement park. And there's a shopping complex there which I didn't manage to see.

Here we go!
 Well, it was supposedly a top five attractions pass only but they managed to upgrade it to all rides pass? AWESOME.
 This is what you see when you enter! Nice photo except for all the tourists' heads. HAHA. And some locals' heads too.
Lotte World (like people don't know)
 Like this view? Want to have a bird eye view of it? (kind of) Stay tuned.

Well decided to take a ride on the flying swings. My favourite ride when I was a primary school kid whenever I go Genting :) Remembered I used to stay in one of the rooms with the view of flying swim. Jealous or not? HAHA.

This flying swing at Lotte World is not very scary because it's much lower in height I guess. But I think it can make me puke if I go for one more round zzz. Super dizzy (and I am glad I am not the only one who feel that wayyyy PHEW)

Well well, super proud of Wei Shan HAHA. Cause we decided to go on... Bungee drop. It's like similar to the one in Genting I guess. (The one ride that I never ever dared to go on during trips to Genting but guess I should give it a try if I go back there.)

Bungee Drop
Oh anw the solution to the bird's eye view thing above is... taking this ride HAHA. Anw I feel so noob. I stared at the water/view below while the ride was going down... And then my spects almost dropped down :O I swear that was the most scary part of the whole ride. HAHA. Okay lah I think the movement up was scarier than the down part? :/

HAHA there was another ride similar to this but it looks way scarier. (And the queue is way longer I guess)
Gydrop which I didn't dare to try :/
Hmm but people who tried this said that the Genting one is scarier cause this ride is too smooth. Guess the scary part is the height?

I guess that was the end of our adrenaline rush on Day 6 cause I don't dare to try the rollercoaster indoor :( I hate hate hate rides that make you turn upside down. And I thought after the rollercoaster at Everland everything would be mild HAHA.

Time for dinner. We were given money to have our dinner on our own. Must eat dinner early so we can catch the lights up performances! :)
Day 6 dinner
Was supposed to order jajangmyeon but I noob so I ended up ordering some spicy seafood noodle with soup. HAHA. But the noodles weren't that awesome :'(

 HAHA this poor person drove around the place around two times I think.
Actually I took this photo cause got little kid. OOPS.

HAHA little kids were so involved with the dance. Like they have so much fun dancing. Innocent days...
 Go kids, have fun while you can HAHA. Super blur shot :(

Random shot
Took random photos after all the lights were lit.

Windmill and nice lights.
 I am an expert at zipai-ing. Haha, walk a few steps, zi pai/take photos and then move on. Okay after our dinner, we didn't dare to go for much rides. Went for this 3D (?) thing. HAHA got like spiders crawling and spider webs etc. Me being a noob actually keep moving and tried to avoid the spiders (like it makes a difference)

Okay anw here's a photo which shows how scary the rollercoaster is. I think people on running man went to take it leh? But I don't watch running man so I might be wrong.

Evidence #1
 Can you imagine how it feels to stand at the position of the father and daughter and the rollercoaster zoom past you. :O Eh fyi, that part which you see in the photo is the erm turn upside down part.
Oh I realised Wei Shan's photo totally shows how scary the roller coaster is....
Evidence 2

Took photos with erm pictures/paintings. Nahhh didn't go to Trick Art Museum.
Attained enlightenment hehe
 My wings have sprouted. I am an angel in disguise ;) HAHAHA
Please don't eat me.

OMG the mouth is bigger than mine. Hahaha.

Then we went for some performance (self programmed one I think). Totally didn't understand anything cause it was in Korean. #facepalm Then we went downstairs back to level 1 at 9 because there's a laser show at 9.15 :D

But before the laser show, we went for carousel ride :D The last time I went on one was in primary school at Genting okayyyy.

Laser show was niceeee but damn hard to take photos hahaha, so too bad. No photos shall be uploaded here.

Well even though it was super late, we went to Dongdaemun night market when we reached our hotel. SHOPPING AGAIN <3 HAHA, headed to the third shopping mall which we didn't visit at all. First shopping mall visited on Day 5 night, second one visited in the afternoon and now the third mall! Friday night is really different. The prices were all displayed for the locals' conveniene and you get to see quite a lot of locals shopping for clothes. I JEALOUS OF THEM OKAY. They got such good shopping (and good skin)

Bought another dress and another top. I DECLARE US SHOPPING QUEENS OKAY. And on our way back to the hotel, I bought SHINee's favourite food (according to some taxi show)....
Hot dog with fries. Didn't take a photo but must google and show people the photo.

SHINee calls this ugly hot dog HAHHA. Well, it's damn good and fattening :( French fries wrapped around hot dog and fried and with a lot of ketchup.

Ohhhh bought one bottle of banana milk too. :( I LOVE BANANA MILK SO SO MUCH. Quite sad you don't see it in Singapore even at Korean supermarkets. The Korean style Japanese restaurant that I went for lunch some time back have Korean soju and food flew from Jeju but no banana milk. Sighhhh.

Okay slept super duper lateee. Last night in Korea. :/ Final post of Korea to be up soon. Nothing much in the post anw.

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