Korea Day 3

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22nd May 2012, Day 3

Okay Day 3 was our super busy and quite fun day. So many activities! Sunrise peak, Daepo Coast and Manjanggul Cave for the views and NANTA show and submarine ride for a new experience :) Oh and we went to tangerine or is it hallabong farm which does not have any more oranges :( :(
Time for pictures. HAHA Wei Shan is so efficient this time :D
View from The Hotel at Jeju
It does not have an awesome view. :( But The Hotel (yes that's the name) is pretty okay. It has really chio lobby. Photos other time on Day 4 post okay HAHA. Oh but this hotel doesn't really have aircon. Sighs. Kena three mosquito bites here you know. -sulks- Oh and guess what time is the above photo taken? It's like 6 plus in Korea only I guess! :O I think it looks almost as bright in 5 in the morning :O

Oh breakfast of the day was at some Chinese restaurant. Porridge for breakfast with all the vegetables and other small dishes. Oh after breakfast it was time for some exercise HAHA.
At the bottom of Sunrise Peak

On the slopes of Sunrise Peak. Here we go! :)

One of my best photos HAHA. Love this viewww :)

Halfway up Sunrise Peak! Think this is the right side view haha.

The left side view halfway up Sunrise View

Take a rest and a photo HAHA.
Okay after twenty minutes I think, we were halfway up the Sunrise Peak. Hmm actually more than halfway. Left 80m. Damn tiring :O But must hold on and climb to the top! HAHA. And damn it, my face so freaking round. As round as basketball.
Halfway up. (Good no fat face)
Peak with glittering water :)
After Sunrise Peak, it was time for submarine ride. Being an absolute auntie, I was so worried about being seasick. Must take medicine early in the morning HAHA.

Oh we are supposed to take a boat to the submarine in the middle of ocean.
View from boat to Submarine

Waiting for boat to move~
We were sitting at the lower deck (?) and it was so stuffy. So we moved to the top of the ship. Good choice much. Great view and the wind was simply erm shiok.
Look at the waves

Lifeboat, hill and waves HAHA.

Random shot again
Nice hair hor HAHA
Well, the girl who can't balance on MRT and buses is trying to balance on a ship moving against/with the huge waves. :O 
Must climb down by ladder. I suaku HAHA.
First class okay. HAHA.

Hi fish
How many chances do you get to take photo with a fish in background?
Overall, the submarine and boat ride was quite an enjoyable and eye opening one I guess. Or maybe I am a suaku. Well, we get to see corals and sea weed too but the pictures are really cui :(  Nvm I will remember it in my heart can already HAHA. Really glad we chose ASA cause I think a lot of other agencies got no submarine ride leh!

Oh good experience for human beings, but bad experience for fishes. Like a diver had to lure them out with food. Sighs.

Then it was time to turn back and move on other locations. We were so cui that we almost fell asleep on a ten minute ride back to land ._.
Gaeng Yeot
 Bought this after we came out from the submarine :) Unique sound of people making it. Cause you can't really cut the candy, you chisel it. Hmm actually the sound is similar to what you hear at Sticky/Made in Candy... HAHA.

But research says that it's a healthy alternative okay! Damn sticky though.
Everyone took a photo with this HAHA. Okay we were at the tangerine farm. It has no ripe oranges zzz. Cause it's not the season yet :( Take photo with fake fruits also fun lah. HAHA.

After visiting and taking photos with (fake)tangerines, we bought food hehe. Tangerine chocolates that my family actually likes :O HAHA.

Then I think it was time for lunch and I can't remember what we had for lunch ZZZ.

After lunch, it was horse-riding :O :O :O Poor horses that look so tortured. OOPS. Didn't have the guts to request for a faster horse-riding experience. :( Oh I bought a photo there and I look so coolzxzxxz okay. Shall upload it if I feel like it next time.

And then... there's ATV too. SIGHS, should have learnt how to ride a bicyle. Nvm I had a unique experience ;) HAHA, should go there next time with my forever NOT alone.

Okay then there is the Manjanggul Cave. Erm it isn't as beautiful as the Internet shows. :( Dark and slipperly. I must emphasize the importance of good walking shoes hmm.

Melon and Grape soft ice cream <3
 Go for a short walk also buy ice cream. Calories lost < Calories gained. But I really love their soft icecream.
Unique experience again :) Pretty amazed at their performance even though I almost fell asleep thrice oops. It's purely cause of my tiredness not that their performance is boring. The performers are quite entertaining and have really good skills. And it's obvious they put in a lot of effort -salutes-

Time for Dragonhead Rock. Don't look like dragon head to me. OOPS.
I wish for... Don't tell you

Reason why you should make a wish.
Okay even though it was soon to be dinnertime, I HAD to try street food right? Here comes spicy chicken. Oh it was taken while I walked so pardon the blur photo ok!
Spicy chicken, that isn't that spicy.

 I really quite like this dinner. :) Tuna fish? Super sweet in the fresh way. And it looks spicy hor? Looks are deceiving HAHA, it's not even spicy at all okay!

Oh yes, we have seafood for almost every single meal at Jeju.

And yes, the meal was quite huge, but we had supper again ._.

Paris Baguette
 Jane Cher, 19, who happens to be a coffee addict managed to try coffee in Korea. Drinking coffee after buying some masks and then emailing people to make people jealous ;)

Paris Baguette has really awesome decorations! Singapore needs to have more cafes seriously. Korea has like quite a few pretty cafes leh!

Stash from Day 3
Okay the orange in the photo isn't that clear. Well, it's not normal orange okay! It's like super sweet can! Don't mind the price HAHA. Oh and look at the cheap masks I bought cause I am an auntie. They aren't good though. :( Should have saved the money and buy more Tony Moly masks!!!

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