Korea Day 5

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24th May, Day 5
Well, we had breakfast at The Hotel cause we were supposed to fly back to Seoul already~ Bye bye Jeju. Before going there, I really thought Jeju has nothing. But end up? Jeju is quite big, like bigger than Singapore! And there's like resorts that I shall go stay in if I ever return there again :)

Flew from Jeju to Seoul which was another 1hour plus of plane ride. I kind of forgot what happened already, so much for trying to blog in detail zzz. Well I think we had a longgggg ride from Gimpo Airport to Seoul? Traffic wasn't exactly awesome there haha.

I think we had lunch at some pretty traditional Korean restaurant. Take off your shoes and smell my feet HAHA. And have fun sitting at the floor. No pictures of food I guess, but the food is pretty good as usual.

Then it was time for premium outlet shopping. Nahhh, not exciting one. Wait till I am a tai-tai before I go crazy there okay? :)

Yeoju Premium Outlets
Thank goodness we only have to spend 1.5 hours here. If not I will cry of boredom HAHA.

And I remember stupid things like we had some fruit yogurt drinks. ._. But I can't even remember what we had for lunch oopsss. Anw I had apple yogurt drink that is pretty good :)

Then it was time for strawberries. Super duper happy I swear. Like it's the highlight of my trip HAHA. :) You get to pick 5 strawberries and two people get to share a box of strawberries too. OMG did I mention how much I love strawberries? <3

Strawberry farm
You have to walk carefully along the space in between to find big big strawberries to pick okay! That's the type of task where Auntie Cher performs well in :)
I am serious about being auntie. Cause I picked really big and nice strawberries okay! :) I could even help people to choose strawberries leh! Potential to be strawberry farmer :D

Oh and who actually picks five strawberries only? HAHA.

Then it was time for Everland. Everland reminds me of the 77 degrees roller coaster ride okay, which I read up online before going. Haha, and no one expect me to try okayyyyy. Oh I read about the bears being totally well-trained too.

Well to reach Everland, you have to take a shuttle bus.

Here we are!

Here we go!
Rollercoaster and giraffes on the entrance ticket! Practically the draw of Everland. Its 77 degrees rollercoaster and all the cool cool animals from the safari. Anw the rollercoaster is known as T express I think. We had three hours to spend there. (which isn't enough if you want to enjoy a lot of rides)
Nice tower huh.
Went to the safari together with many people from the tour group first. Ligers, white tigers and bears :) Took so many photos and I kuku and accidentally deleted every single photo from Day 5 sian max :( Yes, most of the photos are from Shan HAHA.

Check out photos of the animals on facebook, you are welcome.

Then I went to try the ride. The steepest ride in the world. I remember this fact by heart okay! The rest is googled: the world's ninth fastest, fourth tallest, and sixth longest wooden coaster.

I think I was feeling like a daredevil that day to even try that. I really thought I was going to vomit after the first fall in the rollercoaster ride. :O Adrenaline rush from the ride for like half an hour where I keep blabbering like an idiot oopsssss.

And while I queued for this ride for around 90 minutes, people actually have fun walking through the garden. The flowers are really pretty. Feel free to check out facebook photos. Hmm, 90 mins for like 3 mins of thrill, is it worth it?

Oh within 10 mins after the ride, I got an icecream. I am such a pigggg. Love their soft ice cream, screw the calories.

Seriously 3 hours is not enough :( Okay a photo before we gathered again.

Everland closes quite early :( Oh and our tour guide said we dao him here. HAHA quoting a friend "You must have given him your typical teacher look" Well well, can't help it if I look like dao :(

Anw this is the ride & I specially googled for this photo okay!
20 secs of courage HAHA, or shall I say 3 minutes of courage since the ride is around that long.

Barbequed Pork for dinner?
Anw it was time for dinner. And then it was pretty good that our hotel is like near to Dongdaemun Market. :) Went for shopping after we reached the hotel. Well, it wasn't that awesome cause people realised at first glance we weren't locals :( Bought like same top as Shan HAHA.

I wish I am a Korean lah, good shopping leh. Three huge malls lehhhhh.

Oh I tried ddukbokie (spelling?) aka spicy and hot rice cake. Hmm pretty good to eat it in cold weather (not so warm weather) Korea's temperature at night is really pretty shiokkk.

Ending this post with Opera from SJ playing :) Check out the song when you are free enough.

The next time if I am in Seoul, I must visit Seoul Tower at night. Supposedly nice night view. And I think Khuntoria went there during WGM during the first episode which is the only episode that I watched haha. Oh in case you were wondering what's the link between Seoul Tower and Dongdaemun etc, it's cause people from our tour group wanted to go there. Sighhhh, sadly we didn't go there?

Okay Korea Day 6 post will be up soon! I am such a dedicated blogger. :)

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