Korea Day 1 & 2

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Well well, a blog post to remember my trip to Korea. Must post the details so I can go on a free & easy Korea tour on my own.

20th May 2012, Day 1
Honeymoon with my twin :) HEHE. Favourite toilet on Earth at Changi Airport HAHA. If my company toilet is half as clean and nice, I will nap there everyday OOPS.
Travel buddy for 7 days at Changi Airport

Compare the cup and my face (the size)
Okay, our flight was stupidly delayed for two hours ._. BAD KARMA. Cause I was laughing at Korean Air having cancelled flights and speculating that my brother's flight is delayed. TSK. Asiana Airlines offered us $10 vouchers each as an apology. Went to Starbucks. For the first time in my life, I went to Starbucks for something without caffeine!
Hot chocolate, cheesecake and carrot orange juice!
We got one auntie, I mean Venti cup of hot chocolate, one cheesecake and one bottle of carrot juice using our vouchers. Super full and we didn't even finish the $20 okay! Nvm apology from Asiana accepted alr :) Look at whole cup of chocolate HAHAHA.

Soon it was 11 plus and time to board the plane. HAHA exciting. Now to think about it, really glad to have parents that allow me to travel :')

Six hours of flight without much sleep :( I was about to fall asleep after one hour of flying and guess what? They pass us hot towels to wipe face, hands etc ._. Then the food come wts. EH HELLO, almost midnight still want eat?! Had bibimpap instead of some seafood meal since it's part of my must try food in Korea :) I think I add too little hot sauce. And then after eating, there is so many annoucements about turbulence etc. :/ Y u no let me have my beauty sleep? & spent my last hour listening to Korean songs. HAHA.

21st May 2012, Day 2
Reached Korea at Singapore time at around 7. Hmm by the time when we cleared the custom clearance, it was around 845 in Korea time I guess? Damn hungry okayyy cause there's no breakfast provided on the plane since they only provide one meal. Tsk.  So we bought our own food since we were hungry people after six hours of flight!
Bunny Donut made with white chocolate
Yes, that was my breakfast. HAHA it was meant for kids... Aiyah don't care lah OOPS.
Wei Shan's Strawberry Donut
All the donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Freaking sweet. Moral of story: Don't buy things cause they are chio.

Then we went to the Presidential Blue House.
Hi Presidential Blue House
The President supposedly stays there and works there too. Oh and his unmarried kids can stay there too, hmm.
Unique policeman
There's like a lot of policemen and a security check before we entered the place. HAHA the two people beside me are policemen. SO POOR THING CAN. People solve crimes while they take photos with dumb tourists like me. Oops.
30 degrees, NO JOKE.
Oh I thought Korea was quite cold/cooling and guess what? It was 30 degrees when I am in Seoul for the first day. So nice huh. That explains my pout hahaha since I am about to die from heat in knitwear ZOMG.

Okay I love taking photos of flowers and I can't help it if the colours of flowers are pretty rightt teehee.

Here's the drum that is near the Blue House. Think it was meant as some gift to the prince or empereor long long time ago.

Pretty faces and the other side of the drum HAHA.

Okay there's a pretty fountain with phoenix and statue (?) of family around it in front of the Blue House. Well the purpose/theory behind it is that to have a good and stable country, you are supposed to have stable families first?
Okay being a very typical Singaporean, I did a jumpshot in front of the fountain HEHE.
By the time I did jumpshot, they off the water supply already ZZZ.
Since I am having some fetish for ancient looking buildings, I obviously had to take a photo here HEHE.

Okay then I think it was lunchtime :D Ginseng chicken soup :) Pretty good. But I didn't take a photo of food. Here's a photo of lunch place from Wei Shan's facebook. Someone very efficient this time HAHA.
Then time for kimchi making after lunch. HAHA. Okay we get to try ginseng milk and dress up in the hanbok. Okay I totally suck at making kimchi OOPS.
 I can make kimchi.
We can make kimchi.
Making kimchi in progress...
Eh I look so hardworking here LOL. Okay I make kimchi as if I doing facial for people OOPS. Super slow. I shall call it dedicated and erm, careful instead.

Hi come and greet your korean princess. Coughs, I have no idea who wear such costumes. I mean I know Koreans wear these but which social class and type of Koreans wear this HMM.
Korean Princess HAHA

Korean princesses hehe

Then it was time to visit Gyeongbok Palace. Freaking warm I swear :( Stupid idea to wear that dress HMPH.


Netting to prevemt birds from building nests.

Palace and water HMM.

Weird fetish for doors HAHA
Nice door

Finally it was time to leave Seoul for Jeju. Bye hot weather, hi airport. Had icecream at Lotteria cause I really couldnt stand the weather.
Peach ice cream, hello!
Pretty good. :) Change from the usual sundaes in Singapore's Macs.

Bored at airport
Really bored HAHA

After an hour of plane ride,
Nice photo hor?
 Hi Jeju :) Soon it was time for dinner hehe

First dinner
HI FISHES. Was eating a lot of seafood for the past seven days oops. HAHA even though we were pretty cui, we obviously had to explore Jeju at night.

Banana milk and waffle crackers HEHE. The chips is not mine huh. Waffle sticks for supper, banana milk for breakfast (additional to meal provided)
Supper for Day 2

I swear the waffle stick pie is good. Crunchy and sweet and cheap like less $1!! Banana milk is good (y) I love their banana taste hehehe. Regrets for not buying a carton back SIGHS.

I am done with Day 1 & 2 post for Korea. I am cui. Time for bed~

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