Korea Day 4

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24th May 2012, Day 4
Woke up later than Day 3. I even had time to eat my orange~ Haha we are healthy people okay! This orange cost around $2.50 I guess. But it's worth it. Like one of the sweetest oranges ever.
Hallabong early in the morning! It's sweet okay :)
Oh we are having good life in Korea and eating Abalone porridge for breakfast. Abalone okay don't play play hor! HAHA. Well, I don't have any picture of my abalone porridge :( Must maintain a bit, cannot keep taking photos of food. Hmm, the porridge is pretty good and you are not supposed to see abalone pieces. It's just black/grey specks mixed with porridge. Well, there's like bread and egg other than the porridge. Now you know why I become fatter.
Then it was time for Teddy Bear Museum aka Teseum! :)


Teseum TV?

Hot dog bun literally?

Hi wolf, you don't fake okay. Wolf in lamb clothing!
Tarzan, my boyfriend. HAHA.


Actually I am getting from bad to worse. Super lazy to insert all the photos here. So please go stalk, I mean check out Facebook. :)

Time to visit Glass Castle OH YEAH. Heard that it's a super pretty place hehe. Or shall I say the TV show says that it's a pretty place? Was looking forward to it :)


Here's the ticket~

Chio glass beads and balloons.

Close up

If you like it, you should put a ring on it~ (Random max)

Just for laugh #1 (when I became Cinderella)

Just for laugh #2 when I became a very handsome prince -coughs-

Pretty hor?
 It's actually just glass pieces in the dark, but they look so pretty.

My carriage made from pumpkins

My shoes
 Where's my dearest fairy godmother and my prince charming? LOL

Always love this type of buildings.

I am musically inclined. -coughs-

Mama says you must eat your bean sprouts. But what if it's made from glass?



Well we had bimbipap for lunch :) It's like Pepper lunch in the way how you are supposed to cook the food :) Eh remember to spam the chili sauce if you ever have the chance to eat this cause it isn't really spicy. Oh and obviously it tastes much better than the plane bimbipap!

Hungry or not?
Headed to Daepo Coast after lunch. Nice scenery (y)
One of my chio-est photo I insist.

Power of Nature :') Rod-like structures.
Hmm the previous photos were taken at Daepo Coast! I think it's really amazing how Nature can create such beauty.

Oh at this place, we keep hearing screams from people :O Cause they were on at jetboat :O And it looks so freaky exciting. LIKE OMG. And we were going for a jetboat ride!!!

HAHA but the jetboat wasn't super scary and it was pretty shiok. Was so tempted to scream "SHIOK AHHH" but the people in the jetboat with us are too steady and calm. Cannot embarrass myself...

Then we went to some windmill place, I mean Lotte Jeju. There was some camping zone there too! And Lotte resort is there too! The person who owns Lotte World/Resort and Lotteria is seriously rich like siaooo. Maybe I should go back there and camp at camping zone someday :) And fish for golden turtles AHA. Like real.

On a sidenote, Secret Garden has scenes from here and I get to see it in episode 4 already HAHA. Watch damn slowwww. Anw, the department store in the show (which is super freaking big) is Lotte World :O Tell me how rich the person who owns all the Lotte related stuff is.

Twitter profile picture!


Hi people, it's time for more exercise. Go visit Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. There's three parts of the waterfall and the first part of the waterfall supposedly have nothing during the time/season when we were there.

Second Waterfall

Third Waterfall
Well there was time and being so adventurous and sporty, we decided to visit the third waterfall. So proud of ourselves. Okay lah second waterfall actually has a better unobstructed view lahhh.
Hi third waterfall
We obviously had to take a photo there. Walked for forever to get there. Sighs, walk so much but never lose weight :(
Small/Side dishes Part 1

Small/Side dishes Part 2
 I think the dish closest to us was some pancake that I wanted to try. It's really awesome that I get to eat almost all the food I want to try!!! :) Oh the yellow dish at the background is really good (Y) Corn and egg I think. But I couldn't have too much of it cause of the next dish...

Sashimi that we were so excited about at first
We had around 12 pieces of sashimi each :O

Oh it looks little? We had abalone, small lobsters, sotongs and other seafood too. I really like the eel and fishes but really can't eat alr :( Appetite so big also can't finish SIGHS. And the side dishes? There's one more 'batch' of side dishes!!!

But guess what? We had supper still ._. We are too pro. Don't need find out why I gain weight alr.

And me and my one sip of soju HAHA. Really damn high liquer level. Don't worry people, I am not drunk!

Well it was last night at Jeju. So we went to Tony Moly to get our super cheap masks. OMG I LOVE TONY MOLY <3 Totally. Oh and I like it's skin nail polish too. Such a bimbo tsk.

Overall, the experience at Jeju was quite good. Pretty scenery at Daepo Coast and Sunrise Peak and a different experience at submarine and jetboat ride and Nanta show! :) And we get to try quite a few food at Jeju on our own for supper. :D Thanks to my efficient research ok!
  1. Gimbap (this long sushi roll that is kind of spicy)
  2. Pork Noodle Soup. (Hahaha the shop people were so entertained that we were sharing one bowl of noodles only!)
We tried some other food that idk the name of it. OH WHATEVER. It's some white pastry with yellow bean paste and it's made with butter. Fattening but good I guess.
Oh nights. Anw this is a photo of  how The Hotel is so classy. Kind of.

Okay Day 5 was spent in Seoul. Patiently await for the post then :)

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