Crazy ramblings about Korea...

by - 11:11 PM

Okay I am weird and crazy. I am in a quite good mood now. I really want to go Korea. The ASA package sounds so good SIGHS.


KIM CHI MAKING (actually not very exciting cause I don't love Kim Chi HAHA)

Making of Korean cakes (ok I quite like the look so I am semi excited)

Okay there's a freaking submarine trip and view of Pacific ocean and something that looks like an ancient castle. Sounds freaking cool.

Okay not that impressive now.

But there's a freaking horseback ride. Dont freaking tell me you not amazed and surprised. And a cave that I think can shoot horror movies. And teddy bear museum and cliff and waterfalls. And some theme park. And shopping at Dongdaem etc. And got some Palace place and Korean cosmetics!

Problem is money come from what?! -.-

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