Have a little faith

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Mitch Albom is too good. Don't know whether it's just me getting used to his way of writing or what. Because I find the ones I read recently really good. And I find the first book I read (Five people you meet in Heaven) not that good leh.

Didn't expect myself to like this book. I mean it's about faith and I am not a loyal believer of anything leh. But I guess I realised why some people are so loyal to their beliefs?

Okay maybe not everyone agrees with it. But I feel/think this may be the reason why.

"It is far more comforting to think God listened and said no, than to think that nobody's out there"

Okay other quotes/words that I really like:

"..that's what faith is. If they spit in your face, you say it must be raining. But you still come back tomorrow"

"Because it means you are willing to accept people as they are. Nobody is perfect. Not even Mom and Dad. That's okay."

"... even in this new age of horror... you can find acts of human kindness."

"My friends, if we tend to the things that are important in life, if we are right with those we love and behave in line with our faith, our lives will not be cursed with aching throb of unfulfilled business. Our words will always be sincere, our embraces will be tight. We will never wallow in the agony of 'I could have, I should have'... And when it's time, our good-byes will be complete."

"Much of what we called 'depression' was really dissatisfaction, a result of setting a bar impossibly high or expecting treasures that we weren't willingly to work for. I knew people whose unbearable source of misery was their weight, their baldness, their lack of advancement in a workplace, or their inability to find their perfect mate, even if they themselves did not behave like one. To these people, unhappiness was a condition, an intolerable state of affairs."

"Wanting what you can't have. Looking for self-worth in the mirror. Layering work on top of work and still wondering why you weren't satisfied- before working some more."

"But we do have a home. We just don't have a house to put it in."

I still remembered in primary school, some English teacher explained the difference between a house and home and I always remembered the difference. And I guess this quote kind of explains the difference haha.

"But with those we are closest with-wives, children, parents- we too often let things linger."

Point about how human sometimes take those that closest for granted. Like we will worry whether our new friends will be insulted but we forgot how those that we are close to may be sensitive to certain things anyway.

"Nothing haunts like the things we don't say."

Okay good night ^^ if only I can just read and read storybooks everyday.

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