Paris Baguette, Maison Kayser and Swee Choon woohoo

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Summer holidays are really coming to an end soon. :( Really going to miss these days when I can bum around at home doing nothing cause the next holidays I will be probably doing my internship sigh pie. Extremely unwillingly to start school cause I have to meet new people again, I am like super antisocial SIGHHH. Projects arghhh.

Marketing camp next weekend (I feel so antisocial), NBS welcome day on 5th August, heading to KL from 6th to 9th August. And then dreadful school beginning on 12th. Add/drop period. Time to get my modules. Arghhh bloody course registration. I wonder which idiot actually showed his or her appreciation to them. Okay maybe I am an unappreciative person. 

Well between the last time I posted anything here and now, I watched Despicable Me 2, tried Paris Baguette at Wisma (only tried pudding the last time), passed FTT :) Despicable Me was quite funny but quite a lot of people felt that the first was better oh well. Anything with Agnes has to be good. She's so cuteee.


Paris Baguette was quite overhyped in my opinion. Erm the seafood chowder bread bowl was hard, the white chocolate pastry was forgettable. I like the crumble for the Queen's muffin which was actually some blueberry muffin. Love blueberries woohoo. Bacon roll was quite unique. Egg in it. Ordered Cappuccino to compare the taste here to the one in Korea hahaha. Oh well, it only cost $4 in Korea but $6 here. Not worth it. Starbucks much more worth it. I guess Huggs still have the best coffee in terms of affordability and it really taste good (if you really like coffee, since Starbucks is like erm sweet)

Queen's Muffin, Sweet Bacon Roll (and white chocolate puff and tiramisu in the background)

Shopping in Town on a weekday is so shiokkk, all the school kids in school ahaha. Finally got a blazer from G2000 for like $39 :) Always looking out for discounts hehe. 

Okay I was at town yesterday haha. Was supposed to try Wild Honey (Eggs Benedict!) but the queue was longgg, so I tried Maison Kaysers which was not bad. I really like the fact the prices on the menu already included the GST and service charge so you don't have to take out your phone to calculate it haha.

Set lunch plus a bowl of soup for $11.40 and I became really full. Surprise surprise.

And then for dinner... I had dimsum again. Really want to go Tim Ho Wan the next time I go for dimsum LOL. Ate like $20 worth of dimsum whatttttt. HAHA really sat down there, spam tea and eat and eat. Finally tried the mango pudding, logan pudding and mango pomelo thing. 

Okay shall go off to read some book BYEEEEEE.

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