Another week of Summer,

by - 4:06 PM

One week flew past again omg. Okay tried Starbucks' dark mocha white chocolate pudding, read Jodi Picoult's The Storykeeper and went for Marketing camp in the past week.

Dark mocha white chocolate pudding sounds so delicious but it seriously wasn't nice. Luckily I waited for one for one HAHA. I feel so smart for guessing that Starbucks would surely have a one for one promotion for a new drink. I think the best limited edition (is that the right word) drink definitely is Salted Caramel Mocha SIGHHH. They should just serve it instead of coming up with the white chocolate pudding mehhhh. Or serve christmas drinks all year around. I WOULD BE SO HAPPY HEHE.

Moving on to Jodi Picoult. After reading the book, I was like "omg omg I so proud to be a fan of Jodi Picoult". HAHA even though I guessed the ending AHA. Read too much of her books and hence I understand how she loves to give some twisted endings.

Marketing Camp ended yesterday. Two days one night camp and it was the most chillax camp ever. Had five hours of sleep and had BBQ where the seniors serve us. LIKE WOW. And the goodie bag damn awesome. Laniege skincare and MBD masks. YAY. It was supposed to mask only but I managed to convince the guys that they don't need the masks HAHAHA. After breaking camp, I went to Changi Village for the first time. (Okay noob) And tried the famous Nasi Lemak. Okay good job ._. Throat going to die already.

Driving lesson today and thanks to my throat, I coughed till my face turned red ._. Okay I lost count of the number of lessons I had already, but glad to announce that I am really feeling more confident these days :) Even though I almost crashed into a car today omg thank goodness I wasn't driving alone haha.

Shall go and watch some Youtube videos while waiting for nails to dry. Love the colour combination hehehe, self praise. Okay bye.

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