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People who asked why uni kids seem so busy should seriously go knock their head against the table or something... Okay I am so mean/angsty/bitchy as usual, oh well. Haha always been telling my friends that I wish I can smack the jc teachers for telling me A levels is the worst part of our education lives. Uni is like A levels happening every semester.

Just reached home from a super looooong marketing meeting. Please, let me get an A for marketing. I realised now that there is nothing that I want to do other than marketing. I don't even feel inclined towards B&F now. I still like the idea of sounding pro and quoting bond values and all the chim terms in finance... I still like the idea of having a definite answer and not having to smoke through essays hahaha. Marketing is really different, I guess. I like how the future prospects sound like. I like how easy you can apply the concepts in daily life even though I think I am lagging behind. Self reminder: Read marketing channel again.

Recess week flew past like an airplane. Oops don't tell me I am lame, I know it. Haha I think this convo summarises how my recess week was:

Friend: How was your last week?
Me: What happened last week? Oh.. Recess week.

Yeah it doesn't even feel like a recess week. And I always wonder whether it is only NBS kids who feel this way or it is across all schools and faculties.

And recess week was so unproductive. What happened to all the plans of doing up OB notes and look at some past year papers?! I didn't even have the time to open the OB textbook :( Maybe I was too lazy hahaha. And the only days I did something was on like Tues and Sat where I camped at the library. Okay wrong word since I only studied from like erm 10am to 6pm. Anw so happy for the tauhuay on Tues (laoban is forever the best) and meeting my best foodie friend on Saturday. Always glad for the conversations we have about life and relationships hehe.

Weird thought. Do people fall for people who are really different, or do they like people who are kind of similar to them? Hmm.

Another thought. Really need to stop caring what others think. And stop overthink. Or wanting people to show more concern/care for you.

Okay so tired. :s Well at least stats test is over..

Cause you are the piece of me 
I wish I didn't need 
Chasing relentlessly 
Still fight and I don't know why 

Listening to random weird songs. Okay weird Jane is weird. Byebyeeeeeeeee

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