Anything could happen,

by - 4:56 PM

Okay it's weird cause there isn't any much work to do. Or maybe I just forgot all about my work. Shall go and watch my overdue stats lecture after typing one chunk of nonsense here.

Haven't upload my dear food photos. Time to spam food photos OKAY SO LAME.

Salted Caramel with the clique

 Look at my favourite rum and raisin. Must go to Salted Caramel after sem 2 is over hehe.
Zichar with the clique after badminton haha.

All time favourite fish noodle. I SWEAR THIS IS THE BEST WOO HOO
Bar Chor Mee
Bar chor mee from NIE. Quite good hmm.
 Hahaha NTU has Artease now. Really in love with their salted caramel milk tea with small pearls (Y)

Lunch at Can 9

Lunch at Canteen 9 at the first time cause that's what the Queen wants LOL. Not bad.

Oh I made my choice already. Lousy photo seriously :O
Marketing (hopefully)
Oh check out these songs (if anyone is interested in my music taste LOL)

  1. Anything Could Happen- Ellie Goulding (actually I didn't really like this song at first)
  2. Heart Attack- Demi Lovato
  3. We will be coming back- Calvin Harris ft Example
  4. If I lose myself- OneRepublic
  5. Clarity- Zedd
  6. Give me a reason- P!nk

WOO HOOO TIME FOR STATS. Oh and good luck to myself for Marketing presentation. Oh really want try Dolce Latteeee

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