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Having Jay Chou's 明明就 on repeat.
你的心事太多, 我不会戳破。
Oh noooo, it's like stuck in my head but I can't stop replaying this song. It's so addictive. Maybe that's why people say you can get addicted to certain kind of sadness. Awww, do I sound emo (again)?

It's recess week. Meetings week more like it. But this is the life I am destined to lead the moment I accepted the university offer I guess. Not that I really really regret it a lot. I don't really love what I am studying but I'm pretty glad for some of the people I know. Doubt they will ever see this, but really thank you so much for the entertainment and advice.

Did a personality quiz (again) during OB. As usual, my personality ALWAYS changes. MEHHH. I guess most of the time I am always judging. Oh and I just found out 'judging' doesn't mean judgmental okay. Just that you like to plan out things and details, which is like every Singaporean's characteristic. Okay most Singaporeans. And I am an introvert aha. People should just believe me when I say I am an introvert. All this talk and 'loud' image is just an act to hide my shyness HAHAHA. Okay just kidding. But I really love my alone time and will die without it. Oh but then again I feel better when I share my problems with more people but I seldom share them I guess. So please feel happy if I ever share any with you haha.

The best part about the personality is ... "A lot of CEOs have such personality" AHHH, always know I am meant for something big in life ;) hehehe. Okay I thick skinned.

Oh went to Bugis yesterday. Only bought one skirt :) Electric blue so cool please haha. Always wanted a maxi dress but I didn't get it still. Tsk. Oh tried Taimei's green milk tea, thanks for the treat :) Then had dinner at some Thai food place. Okay I admit, I had to stop myself from taking photos of the food #iamsiao #instagramaddict #foodismyreligion #iamlame. The food was quite okay. Tom yum soup was really hot HAHA. Make me feel like going BKK to drink more tom yum soup and go shopping. Money y u no drop from sky?

A random talk with a random group mate makes me feel so superficial. Okay maybe the wrong word. I have no idea where I want to go for exchange even though I keep saying I want to go for it. I said I want go overseas during May-August break but again idk where I want to go. WHY OH WHY. ._.

Okay actually I wanted to go Copenhagen cause it sounds cool and clean. Japan is good too. Imagine sushi AHA. And the culture there is really good I guess. So polite, maybe I will be less angst there HAHA. Hmm overseas... Someone please bring me somewhere. ._. Or maybe should be more independent hmm.

Oops supposed to do stats.

Sigh, Jay Chou's song really very addictive.

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