Hanging by a moment,

by - 12:26 AM

Where do people get any motivation from them? Can't believe I spent one whole day on one simple chapter of stats cause I am just not motivated. I really don't know how to motivate myself. Been trying to motivate myself by looking at exchange program.

Really really want to head overseas and leave Singapore's uni education system even for one semester. It sounds so fun. I really want to go somewhere out of Asia, to maybe somewhere in Europe but the prices is so... I don't know where the money is going to come from. Well, didn't really talk to my parents about exchange. :S But Asia countries... I have been to Taiwan, HK and Korea so it's a bit sian to go to these three places for exchange right? But if I have to choose one of them, I would love to go Taiwan even though it will be third time there. LOL. Korea is good too but the language. As for HK, I would love to eat all the dim sum and drink all the milk tea but the pace of life isn't exactly relaxing too. Japan is actually good because I haven't been there and I really really love my sashimi, sushi, salmon etc. But the cost of living :( Language also SIAN.

Thinking so much about exchange hmm but it's like no point. Results cui and lack of money to go for exchange. Feel so bad if I have to ask my parents for a huge sum of money.

Okay okay, shall not continue thinking about exchange and look at loveliest stats.

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