And our hearts are stronger than you know,

by - 1:02 AM

Learn to love again by Lawson is pretty addictive.

Had so much plans to finish my work but doing 4 chapters of OB took so long, this is really bad. I guess I have to chiong some work on Saturday in order to not do work on like first day of CNY.
Econs lecture which I didn't attend and haven't finish watching yet, econs tutorial undone, marketing slides, designing a water bottle for marketing... Only good thing is that I finished Stats.

And I feel so screwed for Critical Writing. Really feel damn screwed for OB. Really kind of biased against OB :S

First quiz of the sem tmr. People are studying so hard but I feel so chillax. Good night world. Oh happy cny in advance. It's the season to get fat oh no, haven't run for so long thanks to freaking projects and rainy days :(

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