Now the memories are on the wall,

by - 12:00 AM

Have this love-hate relationship with mathematics. Thought I always hate calculations and maths, thinking it doesn't make sense to see this whole bunch of numbers. Then I think again, I remember how math is the only subject I like to study (actually just practise) in jc. Look at my IT paper and you can tell how I can't seem to bullshit.

Why I should do B&F:

  • B&F is maths vs grey areas for marketing.
  • Less group work and presentations I think.
  • Got MCQs for papers (okay what a dumb reason) vs 40 marks essay for marketing.
  • Money prospects $.$
Why I should do Marketing:
  • B&F is maths (okay I say it's a love-hate relationship already whattt)
  • All the smart talented math people will take B&F
  • Marketing seems challenging and fun which I like
  • Less stress
Why I shouldn't do any of the following:
  • B&F is the top specialisation and I guess marketing is a close second for smart people who don't really like maths. Bell curve won't help me in either specialisation.

I still hear the songs, reminding me of a friend.


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