Hell week is over HAHA

by - 9:28 PM

Wow hell week is officially over :D TGIF. Well well, this week was really a hell week because of one presentation on Tuesday, 10% quiz on Wednesday, another presentation, two quizzes on Friday... Oh and critical thinking which was due.

Well I have to say I am not the most motivated student around. :( Couldn't focus on studying and keep wanting to play Temple Run, read tweets and Tumblr. The only thing that stops me from going onto Tumblr is the fact that I don't want to see spoilers of TVD. But the truth is I kind of know what happened during the last episode and I think my heart cannot take it :'( SIGH PIE.

Marketing Plan presentation was okay and I finally redeemed myself ever since my worthy of B comm fund presentation last year. But I suck at Q&A. ARGH, should just voice out whatever answers I have. I am too shy really. Lots of things to research and sometimes I do regret choosing the product sian. I will persevere, just cause it's marketing and I really really really like Marketing a lot. Surprise surprise.

Biz Ops quiz was okay too. Maybe that was the average but I Shall work hard for biz ops. I guess interest in a subject is pretty important.

OB presentation was bad LOL. Lousy presenter sian. Someday I will successfully manage to conceal any form of nervousness I exhibit when I am presenting.

Okay bye. Shall do some biz ops and maybe watch TVD. Stats case study due next week. :O OKAY GOOD LUCK TO MYSELF.

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