Week 3

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20th January- 26th January

Third week of school and I haven't done any work yet oh well. :O Some highlights of the week.

Tsui Wah at Mongkok MTR Exit C3

I had the pork chop bun with fries cause it was supposed to be famous :) And then we order bolo bun and condensed milk toast to share. Omnomnom. Freaking fattening but sooooo freaking good.

There are like so many food there omgggg. Thank goodness, there's many branches of this. Love the XO prawn noodles. Will go back for it someday ^^

HK Zoo &Botanical Gardens, Central

Well, Tues being a free/less busy day for some of us, we wanted to explore Central and went to take the longest outdoor escalator in the world (i think) and then we came across the zoo!! Free of charge, of course must go and take a look hahahaha.

Sheng Kee Dessert at Jordan MTR 
LOVE THE TANGYUAN :) So cool the flavours! Like what 奶黄?!
Black sesame with tauhuay, tang yuan, mango pomelo and some lemon pudding :)

Capital Cafe, Wan Chai Exit A4

Every Wednesday is my alone time ^^ and this time I headed to Wan Chai to try food from this cafe, which is Australian Dairy Co.'s competitor. The food was like exactly the same :O The taste of milk in scrambled eggs were slightly less strong though. I like the milk tea, cause the tea taste is not as strong ^^ Didn't get to try their pudding sighhhh. Too full already.

Victoria Park at Causeway Bay
Headed to Victoria Park to take a look at the CNY Market and we got to eat loads of food hahaha. NOMNOMNOM. Like the fried chicken/beef with loads of spicy powder, vitasoy in glass bottle, 鸡仔饼,炸牛奶 etc. There were shops selling loads of cute and extremely useless stuff. Balloons, seriously?

Auntie Sweets
Headed for dessert after Victoria Park Shopping. SUPER DUPER LOVE THE BLACK SESAME DESSERT. :D Photos are not that flattering, hence shall not add them here haha.

Mui Wo

Took a ferry to Mui Wo on Sunday. Mui Wo is basically a village at Lantau Island and we were supposed to hike but the weather doesn't look good... So we just walked a little and laze around the beach. 

The sea water was so pretty, so many shades of blue but didn't find the beach exceptionally pretty. The big wave beach at Dragon Back and Lamma Island's beach set the standards too high already hahaha.

Oh what is Sentosa compared to all the beaches here?!

Tim Ho Wan at IFC

Headed to Tim Ho Wan for dinner after Mui Wo :) Honestly feel that Tim Ho Wan is overrated. Super love the baked pork bun though. But I felt that the food feels smaller in HK. Sucks. The serving size everywhere is so much bigger.. except here. Hmph.

Really dislike how the students behave in class, I mean lectures. Like wtf, I am just on time and the lecture hall is not even half full like omgggg, why is everyone late. :O AND WHY ARE THE YEAR ONES FOREVER TALKING IN LECTURE :O

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