Random 2am thoughts,

by - 2:38 AM

  1. Been really obsessed with The Fray's songs (okay not that crazy extent) ever since I watched them performed. It's like amazing how some people have so much passion/dedication in what they are doing. Okay been playing The Fray's song while doing stupid Accounting (ewww). Look after you was playing and I thought of this random comment made by people around me during the concert... "Eh sing 'Look after you' to her lah, bet she will love you a lot." HAHA, well yes, look after you is damn freaking sweet haha.

  2. Leading to another thought... Is being forever alone. HAHA okay the fear of ending up alone. Now I sound like a desperate old spinster. OH WELL. Glad to know that I am not the only one. Love it when I find people who make me feel I am not alone. Glad that someone agrees with my "I am just looking for a feeling". Yesss I know it's too idealistic perhaps. Maybe even impossible, but it's really something I believe in and I won't change it. Should really show more people the article from Thoughtcatalog, it's totally in sync (right word or not) with what I feel about this whole issue.

  3. Shopping in town after like three months I think omgggg. Orchard air on a Thursday afternoon makes me happy and I am still thinking of highlighting my hair. Or extensions. Who's up for lilac highlights/extensions? Thinking that I should get that after Dec interview (and hopefully get a PA and can go HK with ahlian looking hair KIDDING about ahlian but serious about pink/lilac.Cause YOLO okay lah the reason is not cause of yolo)

  4. Thinking how some people can be that selfish actually and then thinking about going out to work :( Like this selfishness is so real in the working world. Like how some people slog their guts out and in the end someone who can bullshit/naturally smarter/better in talking gets all the credit. Totally unfair. So I guess that's why we need to learn how to present well?

  5. And how some people are like omg just too nice. And how sad I feel for them. Obviously thankful and like them a lot but I always feel "omgggg you need to stand up for yourself leh!!!" HAHA always don't believe in being too nice to people. Like yes, you should be nice to people generally but if people aren't nice to you, you probably shouldn't be that nice to them leh. Cause you will just be taken for granted. Taken as easily bullied. And sadly most people won't be bothered to defend you anyway. You have to learn to take care of yourself, I guess. 

  6. I think I become smarter as the night progresses. And I think the tendency to make egoistic statements also increases.

  7. I actually think I feel more motivated after staying up this late to rack my brains over FREAKING ACCOUNTING. But I still have no freaking idea why people can/must sleep only freaking three hours a day?! What are they/the person is doing omgggg. I feel so slack. And why is four hours considered a lot?! No wonder people do so well I guess oops.

  8. Edited this post by using HTML. Still remember those lower sec days when I was obsessed with the pretty pretty background and try and customise here, customise there. Ask people read my posts. Now I am like, omg I hope most people will never see any posts here. Especially those with me emoing. Or being angsty HAHA.

  9. Okay point 6 was just for fun. Good nightttt :)

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