Weekends zoommmmmm

by - 12:27 AM

Monday's coming again :( Spent my weekends on other things as usual, OH WELL. Volunteered on Saturday, ST run on Sunday. So much thoughts now, must record it down before I forget everything.

It's kind of sad how our parents are growing older and I really didnt think about it till recently. Was talking to my mum about what am I going to do in the future and then kidding about how they will be like in the future... Became a little sad when I thought about how they will become less fit/mobile. Volunteering on Saturday made me even more sad when I see old people losing their freedom to move. And how some old people end up having nothing much left to look forward. Came to a realisation why people want to get married, the want/need to not be alone maybe oh well.

Sighhhh maybe life is too short to do anything you don't like. How sad is it that most people don't do things they love cause they have no idea what they like (including myself). Doing things that you don't hate cause you don't know what you like. Reading the market behaviour textbook and then realised I was actually interested in Market Research. And then I realised people don't really take Marketing to do that. Psychology hmm. Maybe should just go further my studies in Psychology after working for a few years in the future. But then again I don't even know whether I am really interested in it. Okay, shall just see how.

ST run on Sunday at Punggol Waterway. OMG waking at unearthly hours which is 5am omggg. Caught the second bus to Sengkang in an attempt to be punctual. The scenery along Punggol wasn't that bad, but didn't like running there cause of uneven lands and wooden bridges (upslode arghhhh). Running alone erm.. Yes eating alone is therapeutic but running alone is not. Can't tell people this cause it's too embarrassing. The last km was super torturous and there was no one to scream at me to "HOLD ON" Shall wait for the official time to be out.

Okay, tiring day, good night.

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