Wake me up,

by - 10:48 PM

Feeling so sleepy even before 11pm. I have no idea whether it's the hormones or I am just not used to school. Oh well. Here to waste some time when I become more awake.

Time flies and it's the second week of school and I feel I am lagging behind already :( I spent my first week lazing around because I didn't have much school. Then I realised there's a lot of things to be done. Like Accounting quiz next week omgggg. 3rd week only, are you kidding me SIGHHHH.

I know I probably should stop complaining cause I am so lucky to get the good accounting tutor :) That's the only small victory I have with Star Wars. Seriously my luck for Star Wars is crappy. Couldn't get POM or Career Foundation even though it was a one in five chance. The excuse they give me for career foundation is really retarded arghhhh. Let's hope I still get to do PA and go on exchange. Submitted my application super early. Kind of want to go Taiwan/Korea/Japan more than HK actually. But it's not like I will get HK since everyone wants it (for clearing modules).

Finally had lessons for every single of my module! Malay wasn't that bad but I think I have to S/U it cause I obviously can't learn a language so fast. Genes R Us just reminds me of the A level bio days, hmm. Market Behaviour was quite interesting but it's going to remind me of OB EWWWW. Accounting II er, accounting is always chim but hey it's maths! Okay I think I weirdly like maths but not enough to do BnF or Actuarial or major in maths.

The past weekend was awesome. Colour Run on Saturday which was free thanks to a friend :) Not bad getting colours all over myself. Unique experience but I won't participate in it again. The goodie bag is not that awesome anyway. Okay some photos hehe.

Didn't manage to get the green and blue dye during the run. The blue powder was from like the finish line festival. Ohhh Before You Exit performed and I must say, they look so much better in real life than in photos. Shall check them out when I am more free ;) Not bad huhhh, they write their own songs. 

Then spent Sunday visiting GP tutor and playing lawn bowl. So tempted to pick up some sport now. Not forgetting looking at wine. I feel so old now. It's really kind of entertaining when the gp tutor started talking to you about wine hahaha. Like the last time we were still underage erm kids. Had island creamery icecream. YAY TO FATS. I really like the chendol flavour HAHA WEIRD TASTE. But nothing can beat rum and raisin from Salted Caramel, I feel. 

Okay probaby an incoherent post, good night. Time for more studying oh well. 

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