If not now, then when?

by - 11:29 PM

I wish I can do something worth writing. 

Yeah, you don't have to always do what you like. You can learn to like what you do. You can learn to find the joy in what you want to do.

Yeah right, I thought I was that rational. 

Sigh, you just need one small reason for this lie to unravel, isn't it? This whole pretence of "I am okay", "I don't miss you at all".

Deep down in my own heart, I guess I always knew what I wanted. But I let myself be led by my mind and what everyone else say. Who can I blame? 

Certain people call Marketing/Communications people frivolous, all talk no action.

If that's what you really think of us them, so be it. I do miss being one of them.

Let's go. 

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