Japan Day 7

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Day 7, 17 Nov 2016

What comes to your mind when you think about Japan? Sashimi? Ramen? Or the politeness of Japanese... Well, other than the gastronomy that Japan has to offer, there is also plenty of sightseeing sightseeing spots in Japan and Mt Fuji is one of the most popular sights in Japan.

So how could we miss out the opportunity to see Mt Fuji? Took a day trip to Mt Fuji and it was totally worth it! We booked a tour at JTB at Taka (and also bought JR passes, DisneySEA tickets there). 

For the tour, the highlights were viewing the autumn foliage at Maple Corridor, viewing Mt Fuji around Lake Kawaguchiko area, Kachi Kachi Ropeway etc. 


There's something about these autumn leaves, or maybe it's just me being obsessed.

 Maple Corridor 

 Mt Fuji

None of the photos do justice to Mt Fuji. Mt Fuji looks so magnificent in real life and just standing there admiring it makes you feel so tiny in this world.

And I kept thinking about the quote "Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain." Like while all these natural formations (mountains, volcanoes...) are really beautiful, there's a downside to having them? Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc... Is the beauty of these formations their so-called "reward"?

Okay moving on, lunch was provided and we had sukiyaki, which contains thin slices of meat, tofu, vegetable cooked in soy sauce. It was pretty decent and I clearly had to find space for ice-cream :P 

 Sukiyaki lunch and double scoop of ice-cream aka happiness (lavender & vanilla flavoured)

 View of Mt Fuji from Kachi Kachi Ropeway

Kachi Kachi Ropeway was so crowded and full of people :X Anyway, not sure whether it's a Japan thing or it's me, I actually didn't like meeting fellow Singaporeans in Japan HAHA. Hmm, cause Singaporeans like to complain and compare and I feel that it kind of ruined the peace and experience hahaha.

Like just focus on Mt Fuji and not on catching Far Fletched please?!

 View of Lake Kawaguchiko 

 Another picture of Mt Fuji, taken from Iyashi no Sato village

So apparently many people hike up Mt Fuji during the summer. I wonder if I will be ever up for it hmm. Hmm the thought of people dying in their attempt erm.

The last part of the tour involved us visiting one of the attractions at Fuji Q Highland, some flight simulation which allows us to pretend we are flying across Mt Fuji area. I wonder how it will be like to take a real flight across Hakone area during the different seasons...

When we left the Fuji Q Highland, the sun was setting and then I managed to take this picture which is hands-down my favourite photo of Mt Fuji.

Concluded the day by trying BAKE cheesetart (cause lazy to queue in SG) and having Maisen tonkatsu. Yum.


 Yum yum in my tum tum

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