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Hi Friday. Well well, this week was kind of tiring with three quizzes but I am glad that they went okay. At least I hope Econs went well.

Sometimes I really need to get over myself. I mean, stop being so sensitive when people are trying to imply my econs sucks so that's why I am still doing econs now. I mean, yeah my econs isn't fantastic but that comment isn't that nice too, oh well.

Semester 2 is going to come to an end soon. Next week will be the last week woohoo. Year 2, wow. Hopefully I will be in the specialization I like. After close to two semesters, I have stopped regretting the fact that I am in NBS. Okay maybe regret is too strong a word. But I really feel so sad studying Business throughout the first semester. Maybe it's the modules. Anyway, think I have been blessed with good project groups during this semester :) Even for OB, which we were randomly assigned to groups.

This week I tried Nando's for the first time and finally got a free cone on B&J's free cone day. Thanks to people who queued up for me. Ahhh, sometimes I am too whiny, aunty and angsty for my own good oops. Nando's was pretty good but please don't try the coleslaw. So much for trying to be healthy. :( Go check out Instagram for the photo of the 1/4 chicken meal. Nomnomnom. Should order Hot next time! Oh tried chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate for the first time also. I LIKE. HAHA, the cake now reminds me of how the expression of the Biz Ops prof when we offered him the cake LOL.

Oh talking about food, I think everyone who loves chocolate should try Mr Bean's Hazelnut Royale's pancake. :) It's going to be my new favourite pancake (sorry to caramel custard pancake oops). It's like Ferreo Rocher in a pancake! :D

Glutton Jane has come to the end of her post about food. Time for some tumblr pictures.

The yellow skirt reminds me of some skirt at Uniqlo. Pretty pretty.

The day when I went a little crazy in reblogging dog related photos...


Golden Retriever

Now now, check out my wallpaper HEHE


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Oh hi there. SO CUTE.

Oh to be fair, this cat is quite cute too.

Okay bye off to do a five page reflection which is due on Tuesday and I haven't even start on it. -.-

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