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Hi I am back with more rants. Okay I really wonder whether Capricorns are naturally more angsty or is it just me? Just read some horoscope thing on Facebook but it's in Chinese so I am lazy to copy it here. Basically, it just says that Capricorns have more extreme mood swings...

So disappointed yesterday over my quiz. Well when was the last I felt so upset over my results? HAHA. I actually feel happy that I feel upset. Finally, haha. And then I realised I haven't been studying in the right way. SO EASILY DISTRACTED BY THE PHONE. Shall leave my phone in airplane mode or leave it in another room whenever I am studying. YES I CAN DO IT.

In the past week, I finally signed up for BTT, tried Asian Dolce Latte, went Teo Heng and Astons'... Can't believe we can't find "Angel with a shotgun" there. :(

Spent the entire day today, or should I say yesterday, doing stats and OB. One chapter each only. WHY SO SLOW. Stats so time consuming :( Miss JC maths. Hahahaha. Don't care if I sound geeky, but I really think maths is my favourite subject during JC.

Okay maybe not the whole day doing stats and OB. Was looking at all the pretty hair. DIP DYED HAIR ESPECIALLY. HAIR WHY YOU SO SHORT.

If I had light coloured hair, so many colours to choose from.. Most of the colours look pretty with blond hair not DARK HAIR :(

I think this colour is actually the prettiest among the all. The gradient is so pretty.


Hairstyles (-: on We Heart It -
I think highlighting/dyeing hair to purple would be good as well. Just a little loud hahaha.


Hairstyles / dark purple red hair
I think this colour is pretty too :)

Only a few more weeks to the end...

Okay so tired. Time to sleep. And not spend my night trying to do more work and end up overthinking.

This time she's gonna fix her heart and make it bulletproof

Good nighttttt

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