Y3S1 Recess Week

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9 out of 10 blogs in SG blog about food. #okaycan, only thing that I remembered from tourism seminar a week ago LOL.
Sending off cch hmm. Airports always remind me of exchange days.

Awesome home cooked sweet potato with red bean soup 

Trying Creamier with the (first) few friends I made in NBS hahaha

Three people, four waffles and four scoops of ice-cream.

Creamier is really crowded omggg. But worth the hype! The waffles were thick and good. And amazing icecream too! Love the pistachio ice-cream (think it's like my new favourite type of ice-cream, rum & raisin, you can move away HAHA.) Green tea was good too! Thai Milk Tea was a little too sweet for me. Hazelnut was not bad too :) Can't wait to explore more ice-cream places in Singapore in... December. 

Great time catching up with them I guess. And so sad that Nakhon Thai wasn't opened and we had to settle for some random food store next to it, which wasn't that nice and it wasn't cheap oh well.

Monster Curry Combo!  (Shrimp, fish and pork I think!)

Okay this plate of food is really huge omggg. Level 3 curry NO KICK please HAHA. I think the tonkatsu wasn't that nice though! Not bad overall :)

Tsujiri at 313 Somerset

Finally trying this after seeing it on Instagram way too often. Hmm, worth the hype and it's nice! I think it's better than Maccha house (cause the matcha taste is stronger but if you hate the slight bitter matcha taste then hmm you probably won't like this)

And to make things even better, there was a discount!! I have no idea why. It is already so famous hmm.
Amazing yam cake and kueh. Love yam. Omnomnom.

Teoheng & Dinner at Watami with jc friends. Selfie stick to the rescue.

So I guess this recess week is the least chiong recess week among all the recess week I ever had. Hmm, am I too slack hahaha.

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