Week 11

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17th March-23rd March

Little Bangkok on 18th March, Tuesday
Attempted to study from 11am-6pm. Okay not continously, went for lunch for around 1 hour, project meeting of around 2 hours.. Then decided to YOLO and go out for dinner despite being relatively unprepared for my quiz.

Headed to Kowloon City, which was famous for Thai food. Come check out the dishes we ordered :)
Hey Kang Kong, I have missed you so much :') Not spicy enough though haha.

Phad Thai (?) I think the random one at my house coffeeshop taste better hahaha. Cause this isnt spicy enough I guess. And I love peanuts, okay random.

Green curry, best thing to eat with rice :)

Tom Yum soup! My favourite thing when it comes to Thai Food. (Oh maybe second favourite cause I love Thai Milk tea hehe) This isnt that spicy also oh well.

Pineapple fried rice which tasted normal.

Was extremely full as usual oh well. Didnt have space for desserts. Mango sticky rice :(

Teawood on 20th March, Thursday

This cafe was super famous for its toast with ice cream judging from Openrice and Instagram. There was a long queue when we arrived at around 7pm..

Toast looking delicious but the taste wasn't amazing :( 

The beef brisket noodles was too salty, the chicken's serving size was super small, green tea red bean cake didn't have much red bean. And my taro milk tea didn't taste good as well :( Taro milk tea from Sharetea beats it hands down please hahaha.

The environment was pretty nice, but there's a time limit of 90 minutes like Coffee Alley.. But Coffee Alley is more worth it!! Queue for Coffee Alley if you wanna go to a cafe. Huge, generous serving size and food tasted really good. Worth the price! And love the matcha milk there. Matcha loveeee.

Gotta love cafe hopping with the girls :) Skipped Cantonese to study for retail management, but in the end skipped the studying part to go to this cafe LOL.

Tai O on 23rd March, Sunday

Tai O is a fishing village located at Lantau Island which is famous for like spotting pink dolphins! Took a bus to Tai O via Central and then took a ship cause it was supposed to be the best time for dolphins viewing... And paid HKD20 for a 20 mins ride which I didn't see anything :(

Went for hiking in hope to reach the infinity pool but didn't manage to reach there :( was a crazy hike up cause the slopes were steeeeeeep. And numerous homg. Lucky my legs didn't ache haha.

Ooh check out the gigantic squid hahaha.

And we met a bull homggggg. 

Closest experience with a bull. Was already amazed when we get to drive past bull in Malaysia hahaha. 

Walked a little around the outlet shopping centre before heading to sushi one for half priced sushi again. Love love love sashimi yaaaaay. Thick slices omnomnom. The joy when you see how three pieces which used to cost SGD5 cost 2.50 after 10pm ^^

Feelings & Thoughts

Exchange is such a funny thing. How do you differentiate whether it's just companionship or anything more? Crazy people, hahaha. 

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