Week 6

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10th-16th Feb

Cooking session on Tuesday

Fried udon, a fish and two different types of vegetables. Not bad an attempt :)

Really admire how people can cook, remain calm etc. Must learn all the good points and increase my domestic goddess level :S

Forever alone day on Friday

Well well, it really felt worse being alone on Vday in a foreign country. I mean in SG, I can always go out with friends or at least receive some food from friends. I mean along with messages, that make me feel so loved awww. 

Glad that I had people to ate with for dinner and supper ^^

Tried some goose porridge that tasted damn good at first but progressively not as nice hmm. But yaaay to porridge. Love eating porridge in cold cold weather haha..

From some Fuk Kee shop along Mongkok. MUST TRY MUI KEE SOME OTHER DAY HMPH.

Wanted tangyuan cause it was 15th day of CNY but the tangyuan we had sucked EWWW. :(

One Dimsum on Saturday

YAY to dimsum again ^^ Super love the chee cheong fun skin with dough fritters. Must thank Wahlim for the recommendation again! Then went to Tsim Sha Tsui for some shopping and then had desserts at Happy Togther which was normal only...

Ippudo Ramen, Happy Lemon and Good Hope Noodles on Sunday

Headed over to Kowloon Bay cause there was supposed to be good harbour view... but it was just another shopping centre. But hey, I got to try Ippudo Ramen finally. And no queue at all. Why is SG one always crowded?! Maybe there's better ramen in HK. I wanna go try Butao Ramen and Ichiran ramen hehe.

Can't describe how much I love ramen soup and the soft boiled egg ^^

The company :)

Walked around and finally got to drink Happy Lemon. Can't describe how excited I was about Happy Lemon cause all the shops in SG closed down. And guess what? It sucks so bad. What's with their salted cheese?! Singapore's rock salt cheese (esp the cocoa one) is godlike SIGHHH I MISS YOU.
The matcha here doesnt taste as strong as well. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

But the happy lemon is much cheaper here haha. Like salted cheese here cost like $2 but used to cost $3.50 in SG, But give me Singapore's rock salt cheese anytime. WHY YOU CLOSE DOWN :'(

Went back to Mongkok again and ate at Good Hope noodles which was not bad but not fantastic. I think the noodles itself taste better than Mak Man Kee's ones. Cause Mak Man Kee's noodles were ew horribly dry. But the wanton from Mak Man Kee were like omggggg. Two prawns in one wanton. HOW CAN ANYTHING BEAT THAT?! The prawns were quite QQ too ahhhh.


Spent my first vday overseas. It does kind of feel sad and more lonely than usual. No close friends to ask out for dinner and no chocolates from anyone sighhhh. Okay not that I don't have friends here.

SIGHHH my reluctance to do anything related to school HAIIII.

Okay byeeee.

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