Old is gold,

by - 12:49 AM

I think I can classify my friends into two categories. I know one shouldn't deliberately classify their friends into different categories and give them special treatment but still...

The first category, the people with the ability to make you feel better/the people who sincerely want to make you feel better. Super appreciative of inspiring quotes/funny images or even just asking whether I am fine. I don't have to state names cause I hope you all know who you are.

The second category, people who I laugh with/hang out with but only know me the way I want them to know me. Many reasons why people remain in this category. They really don't care, they make me feel like my issues are insignificant, they don't bother observing and lastly, I just don't feel comfortable enough to share issues with you(okay this one is my fault)

And somehow, older friends tend to fall into the first category. Maybe I should conclude that old is gold. I mean you get to see each other in your worse geekiest, meanest, most childish days and then grow together. Isn't it amazing?

Good night. :) (this sounds like a Thanksgiving post right, good job me)

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