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(Saw this on Dayre and I did read several bloggers letters to their 16 year old selves e.g. Timothy Tiah and Audrey/fourfeetnine, so here's mine)

Dear Jane,

Hi! I am your secret admirer. Okay I kid, you/I still have a very "good" sense of humour haha but yours is slightly worse than mine to be honest. Well, I am actually the older version of you (8 years older).

I guess you are now probably stressed up about O levels. You want to go to HCI (I still haven't figure out the reason) and you need a L1R5 of 6... Your biggest worry is English because getting an A1 for Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Chinese and Geography isn't a problem (or so you thought). In the end, you did get A1 for all the above mentioned subjects except for Geography, which comes as a great shock because you have always done quite well for Geography... And there goes your L1R5 of 6. You were upset during the release of results and also upset during the first few days in NJC. But trust me, which JC you went to and what you scored for your O level wasn't representative of how well you will do in your future. 

Oh what did you get for your English? Erm well, your worries weren't unfounded because you only got an A2 for your English oops. But like what I said previously, what you scored for your O isn't that important. Just know that you have improved from someone who becomes a nervous wreck during presentations and oral examinations to someone who does numerous presentations during your university days. :)

Other than worrying about your English, you probably worry about your Biology. Having failed Biology or just getting a C5/6, I can understand why you are feeling stressed about Biology. I mean who wants an ugly grade on their O level certificate right? You thought O level will be your last time looking at Biology terms BUT you are terribly wrong. You did Biology at A levels and even took Biology electives at University to pull up your GPA. Who cares if the school termed you as a "jade"? Oh yes, remember how Anderson termed all the students who are not doing as well as Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Jade whatever other terms. I am glad you didn't give up on Biology and I know you are glad as well when you see your O level grade :)

I guess the only other thing you may be worried about is being unwanted HAHA. Yes you aren't the prettiest around but you are not that ugly and unwanted, trust me. Looks aren't everything, you don't have to try so hard to fit in. Be yourself and you will grow up to have your own fair share of admirers (some that you may have feelings for, some that you really don't like). You are never obliged to accept someone just because he is nice.

I also hope you remember that people who matter won't mind and people who mind don't matter. Don't bother too much about the rumours, don't let the rumours ruin your friendship with people.

Last but not least, I hope you remember to follow your heart in whatever you do.

the older Jane

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