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Okay, so recently I have been a little bit addicted to Dayre because Dayre has this collection of cute stickers that can (at times) aptly portray my emotions and activities (note: mainly angsty or being a glutton). Actually, the real reason is many people are using Dayre now and all the people I am following are people who are kind of connected to me.

Wow, the "Six degrees of separation" can totally be applied here. No, not the song by The Script (yes, I do like the song though), but it's a theory that "everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps" (Source)

So yes, being kind of connected to the people on Dayre makes me SO SO SO MUCH MORE CURIOUS about them. HAHA and people who know me well enough should know that I actually have ways to find out people's social media accounts if they are not too private about it. I think once or twice, I have to stop myself from mentioning certain things that I find out through googling about a person #Internethasruinedourlives #reallynotastalker

Okay so from reading all the Dayre, I conclude that the main topics in everyone (mainly those in  their 20s) are:

Happy in love/out of love/unrequited love/searching for love

Well, I definitely have to admit I am one of those people who have posts related to this topic. Nothing against people who post about this topic BUT my only question is why do you post it on a social media platform that ANYONE can see? Dayre is a very public platform that no privacy settings can be made... You definitely do not have any idea who read your posts? And honestly it's not very hard for your friends/the one you have a crush on to put the pieces together and figure it all out.

I did make passive-aggressive posts and one day someone actually came up to me and asked me who I was referring to. The someone really made a correct guess and I never, in a million years, thought that the someone would have read my post. From then on, I started a private blog which I feel is a good decision even up to today. Spare myself from the embarrassment of having a crush/friend/whoever you are talking about asking you what's with your post.

Disclaimer: I am not targeting anyone, I am just talking about the trend of people posting about this topic. Not a fan of passive-aggressive posts anyway.


Okay so there was this period of time that I really did kind of want to try SkinnyMint/Teatox all the detox plans because it sounded so good?!??! Like lose your bloated tummy (pokes my fats) sigh. No matter how much abs exercise I do, the area directly below my belly button is forever FAT. :'( And being this fatty gluttony person, I CAN'T EAT CLEAN. I love all the sweet stuff (actually may be not). I LOVE MY CARBS (BREAD YES YES!!) 

 Four Fingers
Inserted here to make my point that I am a fatty who can't eat clean

Chir Chir cheese fries
Carbs again, and calcium okay. Eh cheese is good for us right?

Wait, I am digressing. So yes, there's a lot of people posting their healthy diet/exercise routines on the social media and sometimes I am really inspired!! Like by their motivation to run 10km (excuse #1023921 by Jane: knees pain how! blisters how!) or to eat clean. 

BUT there are people who resort to fad diets like eating apples only or I don't know what. I mean I do admire their discipline BUT it's really not healthy??!?! Just a tiny weeny bit concerned. Hahaha.

And I was just admiring people's outfit on MRT one day and thought "Wow can carry off cause skinny.." BUT the difference between healthy acceptable and media acceptable is HUGE. Cameras really make you look way fatter. I won't say that I have bumped into many celebrities before but those that I have seen in real life, they are all way skinnier/more petite than on camera... So I guess that's why the standard of acceptable in the media's point of view is so different?

I have always wanted to return back to like 48kg (JC weight?) because it feels good to see a number starting with 4 instead of 5 and it's a BMI of 18 (not underweight too okay) BUT after being more physically active, I actually realised weight is just a number (okay it's still important). Being lighter DOES NOT equate to being healthier. When I was a skinny 40+ kg in secondary school, I took like 17 minutes to run 2.4km (LOL wts) and could probably only do like two push-ups???? But now I take less than 15 minutes for 2.4km run and can possibly do like at least 5 push-ups?

And being toned is so much more important than being light. Abs please appear already HAHAHAHA. And fats, stop going to my face. It's so irritating to have chubby cheeks because all people are gonna say is: Oh my, you gained weight.

Yes, say I gain weight some more, I will box you.

Okay, end of my rant. Good night to my non-existent readers.

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